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Tips and avoidance for kitchen designing

November 3, 2014 in Kitchen by Gladys W. Harris

Many people think that living room is heart of a house, but actually this importance belongs to the kitchen. It is because kitchen is the place where people keep the fire which is believed to create warmth, happiness and wealth. Therefore, kitchen designing is very important. Are you sure how to create a perfect kitchen for yourself and your family? This article will provide you essential knowledge, tips and notice to create your ideal kitchen.

Let’s start with six tips to design a dream kitchen.

  1. Have your own kitchen

Resale used to be a king trend in few years ago, however, it is not as interested by house-owners as before. People now are more in favor of getting what they want as soon as when it is first launched. This makes them a bit foolish because they always have to chase trend and tendency and buy things that they does not really need in their house. A reason for them to do this is that this is considered a way to prove their social position and wealth. You do not need to do that. Fashion varies so regularly that if you are not a rich man, it is impossible for you to chase after it. Just buy what you need and really matched with your kitchen.

  1. Do everything to make comfort in your kitchen

There are always some unexpected areas in the kitchen. They might be too small to place any cooking equipment or unsuitable for anything. A solution is that you can make it become a decorative space by placing a flower vase or a chair to make it become a sitting or waiting area.

  1. Make a glow kitchen

It is better to utilize natural light rather than use artificial one. It is because of several reasons. First, it helps user reduce electricity bill. Secondly, natural light brings along natural heat, fresh atmosphere and vitamins good for health. Open windows frequently to catch natural light. If you want to modify light income, you can use simple method like hanging some curtains. Notice that you must build windows far from the fire to avoid reducing cooking efficiency.

  1. Make some unexpected edges

It is necessary to design your kitchen in a uniform. However, it still needs some special points. Obviously, some unexpected edges can do this mission. For example, you can make things stirred up by addition of modern materials in a kitchen which is designed in traditional French or English style. Or make some crazy thing in kitchen as you might use a dinning kitchen designed or painted by your children.

  1. Turn your kitchen into a workhorse. It is impossible for a quirky design and rule breaking mask a poorly laid out kitchen. You should never ever forget the efficient and ergonomic elements of your design. For example, if you place the fridge at wrong place, your life will become a nightmare no matter how well you have positioned other features in the room. Even when your kitchen has looked as you want, if all its parts do not function as properly as it should be, the opportunity was officially slipped through your hand and the space will never operate as it should be.
  2. Make a design by yourself

It takes time for you to create a great design by yourself if you are not a professional designer. However, this design will obviously meet your demands. It also represents your own. It shows your character in the ways you choose and place all the things in their positions. You do not need to be shame if anyone criticizes on your arrangement because anyone has their unique standard that is hard to catch up any other one.

Secondly, you need to remember some things that you should never forget. They are common many people met during their kitchen improvement process. The avoidances I will give you below are the most important ones.

  1. Shortage of a general theme

Even though, a uniform for your kitchen will make the heart of the house become boring and monotonous, it still should be have some things in common that is a glue matching each other together. There is a lot of funny and interesting theme for kitchen design such as nature, cartoon, sights and so on.

  1. Going Overboard

Some times, buying entire furniture set for kitchen is two expensive and unnecessary. Utilize old furniture or renovate them to be something a bit different but still familiar might make a incredible space which includes both memories and freshment. There are a lot of themes for you to choose, one of most favorite themes recently is minimalist look. It makes your kitchen simple but attractive with special color and unique point in the room.

If you things the more features in the room, the better look it has, you are totally wrong. This just makes your room a mess, not a beautiful kitchen. A room is crowded with things, so where is the free spaces? Creating a balance between storage, aesthetics and functionality is the best way to build a great kitchen in particular and rooms in general.

  1. Unsightly Appliances

What is the factor to estimate a kitchen to be the best one? This obviously is its range of appliances. Many people believe that a best kitchen must have a variety of kitchen appliances which can serve multiple functions. The most popular appliances in a kitchen are fridge, dishwasher, microwaves, cooker, kitchen sink and so on. These appliances are really necessary for you to cook a good meal for your family; however, it sometimes does not do the same good things to your kitchen. It makes your kitchen look like a careless mixture of all the stuff in the world. What you need to do now is to pick up appliances which have no textures or suit for your kitchen’s theme.

  1. Function limitation

Do not make yourself be carried away by aesthetics by calling for the expense of functionality. A thing always do its function best when it just focus on one at a time.

Therefore, do not be greedy for multiple function kitchen equipment.

Things should be putted under consideration before starting a home renovating project

October 23, 2014 in Home Renovating Project by Gladys W. Harris

People consider renovating house an exciting work rather than a time taker and complicated work. Therefore, because of lack of preparation and understanding, many people meet many troubles during their working process. Now, we would like to introduce readers 5 biggest things you should put under consideration before starting a house remodeling project and the biggest common mistakes people make when renovating their house to help you avoid them.

First, we are going to get through five biggest things that should be putted under consideration before starting house renovation.

  1. House renovation permission

Almost all construction and renovation projects must be permitted by the principle or local authority. Before handing in your project, check out all the construction laws to ensure that you will not do any illegal actions that might cause a delay to your project.

  1. Relocation

It is obvious that you have to move out your house during constructing process. Where are you going and how long you have to far away from your house? You really need to know these answer if you do not want to become a homeless in few months while your house is in renovation. A good and comfortable place for a temporally relocation is your parents’ house. The fee for living will be cheaper than you live in a hotel or motel. Besides, this time might become a unifying time of your family to help both of you understand each other much better.

  1. Available buffer

Anything can go out of it cycle. Your project could intentionally take longer time that also could over-stretch your budget. Are you really sure that you can stand for this case if it really happen? Prepare an always available buffer for any accidental situation to happen.

  1. Ask yourself again and over again

Do you want this? Is this your decision or you are just make it because of others’ affection? Ask yourself these kinds of question to make up your mind constantly and concentrate on your house improving project.

The next part concentrates on the biggest mistakes house owners meet when remodeling their house

  1. Give the kitchen insufficient changes.

Kitchen is the heart of the house is a very popular belief among people. However, many people ignore the beauty of the kitchen. They just focus on changing living room, bedroom, bathroom and so on where they think that will be caught by people’s eyes. Some will explain why they do not change much in the kitchen is because of their budget. I think even your budget is not allowed to buy too many things, you can change it step by step. According to a designing magazine, these above things are components of a great kitchen:

– Warm toned wood or tile floors

-Modern cabinet designs with stylish hardware and pulls
– Slab counter-tops (granite, quartzite, marble..etc.) and high-concept, full-height back splashes

– Stainless steel or better appliances

  1. 2. Open the floor plan as much as possible: it is the best way to bring nature into your house. If you have children, it is a very good way to create fresh and healthy atmosphere for them to develop. However, the floor plan is opened too much might catch also harmful air stream from outside. Therefore, do not try to open too many floor plans. Open in a limit that is advised by professional designers.
  2. Ignoring natural light: lighting system is a very important element to create a perfect house. Some house owners are too self-confident of the already artificial lighting system which actually enough to brighten the house. They even ignore a very potential source of light is from nature. What you will get from using natural light? First of all, the power for lighting will be reduced significantly. Secondly, natural light is better for eyes than artificial one. Thirdly, it brings a lot of heat to warm the house. Last but not least, natural light includes many healthy vitamins good for people, especially children.
  3. Too greedy! Some people try to do all the work in remodeling their house to save their money. If they are talented and have a great deal of free time, this is considered a good idea. However, if they already have a full time or part time job, I think they should rethink. Much work in construction are not easy, they required a lot of techniques and experience what house owners do not have enough. Therefore, they had better hire some worker to work together instead of doing every thing own their own. It cost a lot of energy and time. Moreover, the result they get might not satisfy what the house owners want. Do not be too greedy even if you have multiple talents!


Advantages and disadvantages of using winter interior paint

October 7, 2014 in Decoration by Gladys W. Harris

People often do painting in summer because at that time, the weather is warm so that paint layer will dry sooner than in other seasons. However, some times, due to some personal reasons, for instance, you need finish your new house before your baby comes, you must do this work in the winter. You really need to put this decision under careful consideration. What are the advantages and disadvantages when painting in the winter? You should consider this question. To make you clear about that, we will provide you with pros and cons of painting in the winter.

  1. Advantages
  • Obviously, it takes you less money to have your house painted by painting worker in the winter: why is this? This is because in the winter and in cold months, there is not much work for painting worker. Therefore, if there is any demand of paint services they will be willing to reduce the hiring price to attract customers.
  • Paint drying time reduces: in comparison between time during that paint dries in winter and in summer, paint even dries faster in winter. As a result if you are in hurry for a big event, there is no worry of house incompletion. In addition, you will save time as well as money.
  • Save your summer for other activities: if you spend the winter on painting, you can have a whole summer free to go out doing outdoor activities with friends, relative or collages.
  • Working makes your boring winter more busy and interesting: you will not worry about a monotonous winter sitting at home every day watching snow falling. You can paint inner your house in cold days and spend warmer ones do the rest outside of the house. Moreover, people are weaker in the winter because of lack of physical activities. Painting is a good way for you to train yourself and improve your health in the winter.
  1. Disadvantages
  • The amount of energy cost is much more: in winter, temperature is low, if you want to keep your body warm; you need to use some heating appliances. It ensures that your electricity bill will increase. However, to limit energy cost, you should avoid painting outside and choose a better weather to paint outside.
    • The quality of paint might be affected by the cold.

So there are some useful solution Resolution

  • Between 10 am and 2pm is the best period of time to paint in winter.
  • Check air temperature regularly

If you are more in favour of painting in the winter, we will give you some essential tips that must be done before start working.

  • Have your specific plan in advance: do not wait until you start painting that make a painting plan for your house. It is better to do this in advance so that you will have much time to prepare.
  • In preparation, one thing you must set as top priority is choosing color for the walls. There is always a huge confusion for house owner when taking a step on paint safe shop. You will be overwhelmed by a wide range of color to choose. It takes time to imagine your house in each color before making a final decision.
  • Give the coming be painted area a good preparation. Why you have to do that? To make a great paint layer, the surface you paint on must be flat and out of dust to ensure that the paint will be glued on the wall despite the weather. In case, in the painting area, there is any obstruction, you should clean and clear them as soon as possible. Obviously, you can not paint along with cleaning surrounding at the same time. It will cost double or triple time. Lazy now and busy no sooner or busy with preparation before and work easier later on are your decision.
  • Make a deadline for yourself. It is proved that people work more effectively when they are under pressure and deadline. If the deadline is coming, your might just focus on the job and temporally forget all the surrounding stuffs. Surely, if you are not under and pressure to finish painting, you will do it too comfortably and spend much more time than it really needs.

In conclusion, we provide you with general information on pros and cons of painting in the winter. Specifically, it cost less time to dry and fee for painting service. However, there are some potential harm of paint quality decreasing and energy cost. Read our article really carefully before setting a time for your house painting project. If you have any other question and misunderstanding, you can contact us to get the answer and explanation. Feel free to ask.


How to estimate your expense on garage building or repairing?

October 5, 2014 in Garage by Gladys W. Harris

Before you do anything it is necessary to have a clear plan for what you will do, how much time everything take or how much things will take of you. Even though, nowadays, things are changeable very fast, sometimes even the reality goes a completely different direction from out plan. However, you always should make a plan and also a back up one in case accident happen. When you want to rebuild your garage or repair it, you also should make a plan for yourself.

What should be included in your plan and what about the contigency one? Today, I will help you out with these troublesome things. There are the things that you should be clear in your plan:

– What kind of garage you are going to build? For this question, it aims at the complicated level of your garage structure as well as appearance. This might affect a lot on you expense of the building. In terms of kind of garage, it also related to materials to make up your garage. As you know, building materials are quite variable. They change depending on season and change very suddenly. Therefore, it is necessary to make price variable gaps in your plan. Update the change of material price is essential for you when you are going to build a new garage. You can take the chance when it is a downturn of material price. You can buy a bit much more material for the garage building and use a little but a little.

– How the construction will be taken place? I would like to ask you whether you do the building on your own or you will hire professional workers to do this work instead. Your decision on that term affects significantly on the cost of the building. Apart from the material cost, worker rental cost takes you alot. Therefore, if you can do anything on your own, why do not you make use of this precious human resources and save your money? If you do not have any idea to save your budget, you can visit website to leran some experience in this terms of other people.

– Do the living cost in your area take much? It is sure that when the construction is taking place, you will have to rent another nearby apartment for temporarily living. Why it has to be a nearby apartment? It is because you have to often come across to observe the execution and make sure the workers are doing good work. You have to live like normal so that daily fee is the same. If you live in an area that every price is so high that you should rent an apartment in different area to reduce living fee. However, it is sure that to observe the workers frequently, you have to spend some time on the road to go back to your original house.

– What is the number of bays you want to have in your garage? This kind of information is related to the complicated level of your garage. You have to make sure so that you can estimate the fee for material and workers’ rental.

Actually, construction fee for not only a garage but also a house and anything else is varied frequently depending on the domestic and international workforce and material market. Beside, in different areas, this kind of fee is also not the same. For the design of the garage, you should make it as soon as possible and then do search regularly to update the latest information of material price changing so that you can fix your plan. There is some data of home building cost in 2008 cited from the U.S Census Bureau. This is average cost per square foot to build a house at that time: it is $79.64 in the South, in Midwest is $87.99, in Northeast is $117.91 and in West, it is $111.72. You can see the average price varies in different areas. The most expensive price is in Northeast and the cheapest one is in the South. It should be a good news for people living in the south want to build a new house and a new garage as well. There is also another comparison for reader about house building price gap in four above area. The south is chosen to be comparison base. The result is that the south is 10% less expensive than the midwest and to northeast and west is 48% and 40% separately. Why there is a huge difference in house building price in seperate areas? It is easy to understand. It depends on the weather, traffic system, human resources in this area. Beside, there are also lots of things involving in.

There are a few thing I want to share with you of you are going to build your new garage or this information even can apply for building a new house.

How to choose a suitable kitchen faucet?

September 28, 2014 in Kitchen by Gladys W. Harris

Some people just go to the furniture shop pick randomly a faucet and go home install it by themselves. It is considered a significant wrong. The faucet symbolized main water source of the kitchen. Now, I would like to introduce some tips to buy a good faucet for your kitchen.

  1. Buy a faucet that can be a good friend with the sink

Before going to buy a kitchen faucet, take a look at your kitchen sink and keep in mind its information such as materials, style, size, etc. the faucet should be matched with the sink to make a uniform of your kitchen. In case, you can not buy a suitable faucet for already used sink in your kitchen, why do not buy a new faucet and sink set? It certainly cost much money but helps you less tired of picking up an useful and beautiful faucet for your kitchen.

  1. Starting point

Where should we begin to choose a new and beautiful kitchen faucet? A pull-down spray attachment for the spout type is a popular type of faucet that many people like and buy. The proper height (estimated basing the kitchen sink size) is from10 to 18 inches. You should set up a hot and cold water system for using purpose on any weather. What factors you should consider choosing a faucet consist of hands-free operation, built-in water filters, touch-sensitive controls, spray volume control, water pause buttons.

  1. Materials

Because of using purpose in wet and variable condition, you should choose endurable, long lasting and anti-oxidation. Popular materials are nickel, chrome, bronze, black, stainless steel, etc. Each material has their outstanding points, for instance chrome is bright. However endurance is a little bit worse in comparison with other materials.

  1. Price and quality

The two factors are also important when choosing a faucet. There are often two type of faucet, one of them is made of plastic and the other is made of metal. In my opinion, facet which is made of metal is often better and more endurable than the one that is made of metal materials.

In general, the knowledge you need to know about choosing a suitable faucet for your kitchen. The tips above are collected from our experience and read on other newspaper or magazine. If you do not really useful and interesting, you can contact us and give us your honestly comment


5 ways to arrange your bedroom easily

September 20, 2014 in Bedroom by Gladys W. Harris

It is a hating thing to arrange your messy bedroom. It is extremely exhausted and tired. However, we will help you by providing you with some simple tips to arrange your bedroom simplest and the most easy to clean.

  1. Throw out all the stuff are not related to your bedroom.

For lazy people who are not in favor of going out of their bedroom, a room that contains every thing is such a perfect bedroom, for instance, a cup of water on the bed, a bottle of milk on the table and some cakes on the floor or some thing like that. However, this room will no sooner be a dump. To clean it will take such a long time and effort. Therefore, stop bringing misrelating thing inside your bedroom and throw already things like that in your room outside.

  1. Classify no longer used things to remove. Just keep the things you often use and use in the last six months. The other in your room bring them outside into your storage or open a garage sale to earn some money to buy decorative things for your bedroom. There is no need to keep them in your room.
  2. Reorganize your bedroom more organized. It is time for you to make a list of what to be kept in the room and what have to say good bye to your room. Basic and essential things such as notebook, bottle of water and so on should be kept in your room. However, do not keep to many things. Choose a suitable and internal place for each thing you keep in the room to arrange an organized bedroom.
  3. Do not make your bedroom become storage! Thinking of things around your bed as to you can take anything the most easily is such a great idea but whether there is enough space for your room? No, it is not large enough to store every thing. There is some necessary things: a basket to put dirty clothes which are going to go to laundry room, a bookshelf to keep books in good conditions and in organization and so on.
  4. Make a five-minute routine: how to make a five minute routine? It is very easy for you if you clean and organize your room regularly. You should make a specific timetable in which note down time to clean and reorganize things in your room. For example, note down: “Clean room twice a week on Thursday and Sunday”. Hanging this note on the wall or on the door. No matter where you hang this note, it is a where that is easy to see so that you can remember cleaning the floor as what it is required in the note. Follow the schedule as to keep your room organized.

If you are not really persuaded by our tips and directions, let try them to ensure that they are effective for you. Thank you for reading our article.